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Technical Tutorials

SEPT 2020

Week of September 21st

Data Exploration and Visualization with Python

OCT 2020

Week of October 5th

Attention Based Language Models and Networks: Transformers

Week of October 19th

Language Modeling in NLP: Building a Neural Bigram Model

Week of October 26th

Feature Selection and Regularization

NOV 2020

Week of November 2nd

Attention Based Language Models and Networks: BERT, XLNET

Week of November 9th

Classification problems using PyCaret

Week of November 23rd

Image Classification using SGD and CNN

Week of November 30th

Introduction to Computer Vision using OpenCV


Algorithms are driving cars, writing magazine articles, and beating us at Jeopardy!, chess, and Go. Is this normal technological growth, or something to be feared? Innovate 1Z03 is a comprehensive survey of AI in 2020, designed for students in all years and faculties. We will cover Canada’s AI policy, how to start an AI startup, the cognitive science behind artificial brains, the history of computing, the ethics of AI, and how machine learning is used in healthcare, the law, and to fight climate change.